FabLearn Europe brings together international researchers, educators, designers, and makers to discuss and explore digital fabrication in education, making, and hands-on learning for the 21st Century. This fourth European FabLearn conference is organised by University of Oulu. The conference will take place in Oulu, on 28-29 May 2019.

FabLearn Europe is associated with the global FabLearn initiative, and builds on the strong and dedicated community that has developed around the event over the past 5 years.

The first FabLearn Europe was organised by the Research Centre for Participatory IT at Aarhus University in 2014 (http://fablearn.eu/2014/) and the second Fablearn Europe was organised by the Child Computer Interaction (ChiCI) Group in 2016 (http://fablearn.eu/2016/). The third one was organised jointly by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Aarhus University in 2018 (http://fablearn.eu/2018/).

FabLearn Europe 2019 accepted papers will be published in the FabLearn Europe 2019 proceedings.