ICT-based Education Station

This project is primarily designed for the upper intermediate level classroom educators and the students in the classroom. My goal is to help develop a framework in the classroom that lives up to the demands of society, both in the present but also in the future. The framework of the classroom should reflect the digital age that we all live in, and the classroom should support the students in gaining the skills that is required to succeed in the digital age. In short, I want to create an ICT based Education Station.

While all of the elements that make up the physical frames in the classroom, are important, obviously some elements are more important than others. In my research, which consists of in depth analysis of the physical frames of multiple schools, have concluded, that the table seems to be the key component for setting the “stage” in a classroom. Different stages use different artifacts as a medium to channel specific actions. For example a TV might be the medium of choice in the living room, because its expected that watching TV is one of the main activities in the livingroom, and artifacts, like a table, is, for that reason, less of a focus compared to the TV. I’ve spent the last months creating concepts and mockups of a table that will be able to function as a medium for the channeling of learning-activities that will strengthen the acquisition of skills that the 21st century demands of the students.

My demo will be a prototype of this table which the participants will be able to interact with, via. a smart interface, and hopefully they will be able to experience a table/station, that is able to channel different activities compared to the “normal” table, which is meant to act as a medium for channeling activities, that was “optimal” a century ago. A video and multiple posters will also be on display to explain the impact of the physical frames on learning and the human brain, which will educate the adult part of the participants at the conference on the vision and thoughts behind the table and its creation. My goal is to deliver a prototype that will be able to channel activities for all the participants, especially the younger part, that are fun, interactive and productive in new and innovative ways.

The project will consist of a prototype of my ICT based Education Station. Different posters, folders and a video, that will help explain the thoughts behind my vision, and will help to educate the audience on the important of a focus on the classrooms physical environment.

Download demo poster

Presented by:
Anton Revsgaard Benkestok – MA student in ICT-based educational design, Aarhus University.
Rikke Toft Nørgård – Center for Teaching Development and Digital Media, Aarhus University.