A Portrait of a Digi-Maker


You are invited to respond to the question, what values might you see in, or through studying the photographs and inventions of a Digi-Maker?

Trained in reflexology Clare Bowman is in the midst of completing a degree in occupational health and is humbly equipped with unassuming ways to apply creative confidence to digital fabrication through values-led participatory design. Clare looks to Shrimping.It tools for ways in which she can create performance art, educational games, patient interaction and informal learning tools. The make-up within and of Clare’s curiosity becomes an inspiring portrait for people, and her approach sees the process of inventing as a formidable force for good.

Your participation will contribute to discussions that begin to ask; do people see the same or similar values in a visual documentary of a digi-maker? what values are elicited? how could formal or informal learning environments learn from a portrait of a self-motivated values-led participatory design approach, or a ‘making for good’ ethos to digital fabrication?

Presented by:
Rebecca Taylor – HighWire, Lancaster University [http://www.highwire.lancs.ac.uk]
and The Curiosity Bureau [http://www.thecuriositybureau.com]

Cefn Hoile – HighWire, Lancaster University [http://www.highwire.lancs.ac.uk]
and Shrimping.It

Clare Bowman – Digi-Maker/Artist/Designer and Shrimping.It

Drew Forsyth – Photographer [http://www.drewforsyth.com]