Innovation in Primary Education


“If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old then you don’t understand it yourself”

The objective of this workshop is to offer participants theoretical and hands-on experience with MOEF’s method for developing innovative solutions, called INVENT – DESIGN – CREATE. During the workshop you will join a multidisciplinary team of participants working together towards bringing innovative ideas to life. The outcome of the workshop is a first-hand experience of the process used by MOEF and taught to children in Primary Education. You will gain knowledge of how the method works – and why it works.

Place: Session B – 15:30 at INCUBA 137.

INVENT – DESIGN – CREATE was shaped over time through numerous and diverse development projects for some of the biggest companies in Denmark. Also, it has been successfully implemented in a classroom of 6-year-olds, using 3D-printing to drive the innovation process. The workshop is intended for anyone who sees the potential of teaching children how to innovate.

Remember to visit our demo stand, where you can get more information about our project with implementing 3D-printing in Primary Education. You will also be able to ask questions and have a look at some of the results the children have produced.

Kristoffer Kelstrup Sabroe is a founding partner of the innovation house MOEF, where physical, digital and products are invented, designed and created for a vast amount of industries and organizations. Kristoffer is an experienced innovator who includes the customer into a multidisciplinary team of people working together throughout the project. Kristoffer uses 3D-printing and prototyping as a tool for driving rapid and risk-reduced development processes.