Empowering young adults through a peer-to-peer talent development platform

The goal of the project was to introduce FabLab and its open source technologies to the underprivileged young adults of a disadvantaged neighbourhood of Rotterdam in an attempt to stimulate them to learn how to empower themselves by making and sharing. The success of the workshop inspired the design of a peer-to-peer workshop platform combining social media, FabLabs, and ubiquitous technologies. The platform was tested in its elements, where students considered problematic became active co-creators in the workshops while collaboratively learning new skills. Key to project’s success lied in leveraging the students’ technological fluency by making digital fabrication accessible and engaging through a participatory bottom-up approach.

The IK BEN STER(K) workshop platform can serve as a best practice to go a step further in lowering the threshold of access to digital fabrication in education. By connecting the people to a network where the FabLab is one of the nodes, a learning community can spread beyond the physical environment of a school. On one hand the school is alleviated from the cost of implementing an internal FabLab, on the other students are entrusted with the tools to shape their own learning curriculum, inspiring others to do so. FabLabs all over the world can use this process in a very cost-effective way in order to create new co-learning processes that can reach out to underprivileged and uninitiated communities in a more inclusive way, empowering individuals to contribute to open social innovation.

To learn more about the project, you can watch the following videos:
STORY OF THE PROJECT (Video presented at TEDx Youth@Delft
Presented by: Emilia Louisa Pucci