Sunday 19th June

Each paper is allocated a 20 minute slot which will consist of 15 minutes presentation time and 5 minutes of questions.

Papers Session SA 10:00-11:00 – Room DB247

Sesion Chair: Prof. Francis Quek

10:00-10:20: The Art of the Wunderlich Cube and the Development of Spatial Abilities. Victor Winter, Betty Love and Cindy Corritore. pdf

10:20-10:40: Problem-based Science, a constructionist approach to science literacy. Christa Flores.

10:40-11:00: Future Designers: A Design Thinking Crash-Course for Children. Dimitris Grammenos and Margherita Antona. pdf

Papers Session SB 15:30-16:30 – Room DB247

Session Chair: Prof Ole Iversen

15:30-15:50: Talkoo: A new paradigm for introducing physical computing at school. Eva-Sophie Katterfeldt, David Cuartielles and Daniel Spikol. pdf

15:50-16:10: Makerspace in School – Experiences from a Large-Scale National Testbed. Eva Eriksson, Carl Heath, Wolmet Barendregt, Olof Torgersson, Peter Ljungstrand, Erik Einebrandt and Niels Swinkels. pdf

16:10-16:30: Video Design Games: Traning Educators in Teaching Design. Rachel Charlotte Smith, Ole Sejer Iversen, Kasper Skov Christensen and Mikkel Hjorth. pdf

Monday 20th June

Papers Session MA 9:30-10:30 – Room DB247

Session Chair: Dr Paulo Blikstein

9:30-9:50: Supporting Scientific Model Thinking through Curriculum-based Making. Sharon Lynn Chu, Genna Angello, Francis Quek and Sara Pyle. pdf

9:50-10:10: Inclusive Design of 3D Printed Tactile Picture Books in Indonesia. Abigale Stangl, Rebecca Johnson, Arum Budiani and Tom Yeh. pdf

10:10-10:30: Teacher Training through Making and Prototyping. Susanna Tesconi. pdf

Papers Session MB 10:45-11:45 – Room DB247

Session Chair: Prof Janet C Read

10:45-11:05: Online distributed prototyping through a university-makerspace collaboration. Mark Gaved, Iestyn Jowers, Gary Elliott-Cirigottis, Delphine Dallison, Mark Craig and Alan Rochead. pdf

11:05-11:25: Inscribing the conditions for a Designerly Learning in Elementary Classrooms : Building a Frame to Open a World of Possibilities. Pauline Gourlet and Francoise Decortis. pdf