• Title: Makerspaces in University Colleges – a workshop about maker technology and design thinking in higher education 

Instructors: Steen Lembcke Michal Pilgaard Mikkel Hjorth Johannes Fibiger Jerry Bak de Ridder (VIA University College)

Description: VIA University College in Denmark is currently placing greater priority on Makerspaces, with special focus on material design in all its education programs (e.g. teacher trainings, social service workers, social education etc.) The special feature of the Makerspaces initiative is the dual perspective on learning. Educating teacher students entails having the dual perspective of learning to master technologies and design processes, while also mastering the ability to create learning designs for childrens’ innovative design processes in maker settings. In this workshop, we (1) lay out our teaching approach, (2) provide examples of course activities, (3) provide a hands-on example of our teaching methods, and (4) invite participants to discuss a dual perspective on learning in maker settings in teacher education. This workshop will provide a case example of how the teachers at VIA University College incorporate digital fabrication and design processes in the courses for student teachers and students in Social Education.

Duration of the workshop: 2 hours

  • Title: Open resources for thinking with computational artefacts at school

Instructors: Maria Luce Lupetti, Serena Cangiano, Gabriele Ermacora, Ludovico Orlando Russo and Cristina Riesen

Description: This workshop will address the theme of open resources for learning. A small series of case studies at the intersection between the world of education, technology, and making will be presented with the aim of discussing the opportunities and challenges of open source materials. The case studies consist of projects developed across different European countries, focused on slightly different aspects of learning and dedicated to different school levels. Nevertheless, these projects share the use of open source resources and the aim of contributing with materials and examples to the resources available for educators and designers. The workshop will combine the case studies presentations with a round table.

Duration of the workshop: 1:45 hours

  • Title: How To Create A STEAM Installation (Canceled)

Instructors: Javier Dominguez Aparicio and Santiago Fuentemilla (FAB LAB BCN – Future Learning Unit)

Description: How To Create A STEAM Installation is a workshop for creative teachers which offers an impact experience, seeking to inspire and motivate the participants to use the possibilities of digital fabrication, coding and makers philosophy to treat any aspect of the curriculum, but also be able to implement methodologies in the classroom oriented towards research and project work. The challenge will be to co-create an interactive installation going through the learning by doing steps and dealing with topics such as electronics, virtual reality, video mapping, scanning and materials. We will finish reflecting on what we have learned and giving helpful resources.

Duration of the workshop: 1:45 hours