Visitor’s guide


The conference site is the University of Oulu main campus at Linnanmaa area in city of Oulu. The campus is located five kilometres to the north of the center of Oulu.

At the university campus the place will be Tellus Innovation Arena. You can find instructions how to find Tellus inside the university campus here. You can also check the map of Tellus.

The main entrance to the University is the door 2T from where there will be guidance to the Tellus area and the registration desk. On the way there you will also pass the University of Oulu’s FabLab. If you get lost and have problems finding the place you should be within the University, please email Maija Pienimäki at

The lecture hall L2 is easily found from Tellus. It is directly behind the green coat racks if you look from the Main entrance of Tellus.


Unfortunately there are no hotels in the vicinity of the university. Airbnb might have something to offer  close to the university. The city center (see the map) is rather small so it doesn’t matter that much which hotel you choose, it is not very long to walk to the bus stop anyway.


City of Oulu for activities and sightseeing in Oulu. They also have additional information of the city and its surroundings for those that are interested.

Linnanmaa campus map shows the whole map of the Linnanmaa Campus of the University of Oulu with all of the different points of interest that are here.

Bus from the airport to the city center – There are regular bus connections between Oulu city center and the airport (buses 8 and 9). Bus from Oulu Airport to Oulu city centre costs 5,80 eur (single ticket for zones AB); check the tickets and prices and zones. Nearly all the hotels, University of Oulu and the main sights are in zone A.


Bus to Linnanmaa – When looking for buses just write University of Oulu as your destination. A couple of buses (at least 1, 2, 3) go to the university and stop in front of the university main door 2T.  When going from the city center to the university, a good bus stop in the city center is for example “Toripakka P 2101, Oulu”, other good ones are “Kaupungintalo” and “Pokkitörmä”, and arrival is to the university bus stop “Linnanmaa P 1770” – check the itinerary here. When going back to the city center all the buses that stop at the university will go to the city center. The bus stop towards city center is close to the door 2T as well.

You can purchase single tickets from the bus in cash or you can buy a ticket using the Oulu public transport ticket app. You can check the time tables from the app or Google Maps. Bus trip from the city center to Linnanmaa takes 15-20 minutes.

Check the bus tickets and prices and zones. Nearly all the hotels, University of Oulu and the main sights are in zone A; bus from the city center to the university costs 3,30 eur. There are also day tickets.

Taxi – OTAXI is a very reliable local taxi company with decent prices. There are other taxi companies as well; taxis can set their own prices and it is wise to ask the price before hopping into the car. When you arrive at the airport, you can take any taxi you want to, no need to take the first one in the queue. Taxi from the airport to the city center costs around 35-45 euros, depending on traffic, time of day etc. Taxi from the city center to the university costs around 20 euros.

Taxi to the university: Tell the taxi driver that you would like to go to the university main door 2T. If they accidentally bring you to some other door, don’t worry, you can still find Tellus quite easily. It is in the middle of the building and anybody at the university should be able to tell you where it is and basically everybody speaks English – ask for Tellus or Lecture Hall L2. Just start walking towards the middle of the building and most likely you will end very close to those.

For Visitors of University of Oulu web page has most of the same information as this page but also could be useful to check out for those that are interested in the other facilities at the University.


The University’s main doors (such as the 2T) are open from 7 am to 7 pm. You can also exit the building outside of that time frame but can not enter without a 24/7 access card.

The campus wide free Wi-Fi that you can access is called panoulu.

If you have lost something at the University, you should contact the caretakers at

For those that are interested in University of Oulu related souvenirs, the Campus Shop serves at the Northern end of the campus.

The general emergency number in Finland is 112.

Map of the university with the important locations marked with rectangles:


The main entrance of the University is marked with a red rectangle, the Tellus are with a green one and L2 is in orange.
The bathrooms are marked with turquoise boxes (please note that the closest bathroom to Tellus is accessible only from outside of the Tellus area and is quite small). There is a larger bathroom for women and men next to L5 lecture hall. The gender neutral bathrooms are marked in purple.

All the spaces are fundamentally accessible for example wheelchair users but in case of special needs, please contact Maija Pienimäki at