FabLearn Europe / MakeEd 2022
Monday, May 30th Location
8.25 – 12.00 Field trips: Going to Makerspaces in CPH makerspaces around the city
12.00 – 13.00 Lunch
13.00 – 14.15 Opening ceremony incl. Keynote: Paulo Blikstein Auditorium 1008
14.15 – 14.30 Break
14.30 – 16.00 Paper session I: Steam Education

Chair: Michail Giannakos

  • Making Manipulatives for Mathematics (Full paper)
  • Developing the Makerspace Learning and Assessment Framework (Full paper)
  • Does MakeScience Make Sense? (Work-in-Progress)
  • Exploring Making in Schools: A Maker-Framework for Teachers in K12 (Work-In-Progress)
Auditorium 1008
Paper session II: 21st Century Skills

Chair: Netta Iivari

  • Model-based support for authoring Design-based Learning and Maker Education materials in elementary education (FP)
  • Youth’s perspectives of computational design in making-based coding activities (FP)
  • Remix the School Project : Socio-Emotional Learning through Biomaterial making (WiP – Online presentation)
  • Scaffolding Preschool Children’s Upcycling and Recycling Experiences through Free vs. Guided Play Activities (WiP)
Seminar rooms 1001A and 1001B
16.00 – 17.00 Poster and demo session I

  • Introducing the Intranet of Things for Education (Demo)
  • Discovering student projects in the do your :bit challenge (Demo)
  • Practitioner posters!
Seminar rooms 1001A and 1001B
18.00 – 19.15 Canal Tour On a boat – we leave from A.C. Meyers Vænge 15
19.15 – Dinner at Reffen

Tuesday, May 31st Where
9.00 – 9.45 Keynote: Peter Dahl, Spinderihallerne FabLab Auditorium 1008
9.45 – 11.15 Paper session III: Maker spaces and identities

  • Madness to the methods: Speculating approaches to study and nurture children’s designer and Maker identities (FP)
  • Chaos and order in maker coaching. Towards a pathway for library maker spaces (WiP)
  • The Mind- and Makerspace. Supporting creative thinking and doing for everyone (WiP)
  • Educational makerspaces in Danish primary and lower-secondary schools (WiP)
Auditorium 1008
Paper session IV: Future is now

Chair: Stine Ejsing-Duun

  • Imagining Better Futures for Everybody – Sustainable Entrepreneurship Education for Future Design Protagonists (FP)
  • ROBIN – Designing a ROBot for Interactive Narratives to engage preschool children (WiP)
  • Drone-based learning: A project based learning (PBL) programme for secondary school students to explore making, and ethics (WiP – Online presentation)
  • Prototyping Products using Web-based AI Tools: Designing a Tangible Programming Environment with Children (WiP – Online presentation)
  • Green Stories for Digital Sustainable Development Education (WiP)
Seminar rooms 1001A and 1001B
11.15 – 11.30 Break
11.30 – 12.00 Panel session: Pedagogical perspectives on makerspaces in practice Auditorium 1008
12.00 – 12.30 Poster and demo session II

  • Introducing the Intranet of Things for Education (Demo)
  • Discovering student projects in the do your :bit challenge (Demo)
  • Practitioner posters!
Seminar rooms 1001A and 1001B


12.30 – 13.15 Lunch Seminar rooms 1001A and 1001B
13.15 – 15.15:
Imagine a move in space
A series of fortunate accidents: Lessons learned from when things go sideways in making projects with children  
The Equity Mindset – Promoting Equity in Makerspaces  
Tiny space – Great ideas  
Escaperoom – Crack the code by building a clever device  
Verdens Bedste Robotby i børnehøjde  
15.15 – 15.30 Break
15.30 – 16.00 Closing panel Auditorium 1008
16.00 – 16.15 Closing ceremony Auditorium 1008