General Co-Chairs

  • Prof. Mick Grierson  (UAL Creative Computing Institute)
  • Ben Stopher (Dean, UAL Creative Computing Institute)
  • Elisa Rubegni (Lancaster University)

ACM Proceedings Chair

  • Mikko Rajanen (University of Oulu, Finland)

Global FabLearn Chair

  • Paulo Blikstein (Columbia University, USA)

Program Committee

University of the Arts London

Creative Computing Institute

  • Sheldon Brown
  • Charlotte Webb
  • Rebecca Fiebrink
  • Joel Lewis
  • Phoenix Perry
  • Conor Rigby
  • Irene Fubara Manuel
  • Kenneth Lim
  • Ben Kelly
  • Dorota Chapko
  • Vit Ruzicka
  • Matthew Plumber Fernandez
  • Angus Main
  • Geoff Davies
  • Waltteri Nybom
  • Cressida Korienski

Camberwell College of Art

  • Simon Maidment
  • Adrian Friend
  • Maiko Tsutsumi
  • Jason Cleverly
  • Bridget Harvey

Pädagogische Hochschule St.Gallen

  • Dorit Assaf
  • Thomas Schmalfedt

University of Oulu

  • Netta Iivari
  • Marianne Kinnula

Aarhus University

  • Ole Sejer Iversen
  • Rachel Charlotte Smith
  • Maarten Van Mechelen

Other organisations

  • Nalini Edwards (Wellcome)
  • Will Gallia (Still At Play)
  • Daniel Bowen Fitton (ChiCI Group)
  • Michail Giannakos (Norweigan Uni of Science & Technology)
  • Eva-Sophia Katterfeldt (University of Bremen)

Publicity Chair

  • James Devine (Lancaster University)

Local Organising Team

  • Amy Walker
  • Georgina Capdevilla Cano
  • Tom Lynch


Sponsoring FabLearn Europe is a great way to increase exposure of your brand while supporting access to educational development. We expect approximately 100 attendees for the conference, ranging from teachers to designers, researchers and policy-makers.

If you are interested in sponsoring FabLearn Europe, please email